2021: The Year of Perseverance | New Years Resolutions

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The year of perseverance is something that came to me pretty quickly when thinking of 2021. We all know this last year was difficult and trying in more ways than one. It's always so crazy reading back on the "The Year of..." posts prior to this and seeing the goals and dreams I set. 2020 didn't quite turn out like we all hoped, but it brought a lot of lessons & slow down that I can see many blessings come from.

Perseverance is the ability to keep doing something in spite of the obstacles. We all went into last year with having so many goals, many of which got put on hold, disappeared completely or maybe got thrown off course a bit. Moving into a new year, I have some of the same goals, but with a much better understanding of how to attain them + a I've added a bit of growth onto each one.

This year, I want to included not only my big goals and dreams, but also all the little ones to help share a bit more on how I go into each New Year. Maybe even help add some onto your list!

I'd love to hear nay goals & dreams of yours in the comments below!

New Years Resolutions 2021 | 2020 Best Sellers
New Years Resolutions 2021 | 2020 Best Sellers

Big Goals

Grow a healthy baby

This is an obvious one, but of course, at the top of my list. I'm making much healthier choices this pregnancy not only for the baby, but for me. Working out 3-4 times a week, eating a balanced diet and taking time to unplug is so important. Blows my mind that in 4 months we'll be a family of 4! April 26th will be here before we know it! I want to focus on time with Addison, time with Kirby and time on my own. Obviously, I can't do it all, all the time, but wiring those down helps remind me just how important those moments are before we launch into a huge transition.

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Expand my Business

I've been so blessed this year with big growth, but had many plans put on hold or some that didn't quite work out. At the top of my list is hiring help with my business. After trying to in Fall 2020 and it not going as I planned, it's a big thing for me to get tackled. Especially before I welcome another little to the crew.

On top of hiring help, I have plans of continuing to grow my business outside of Instagram & my blog. Utilizing my TikTok & Pinterest for more partnerships and fun ways to create content is huge! Part of the reason I want to hire help is so I have more time to do the things I love about my job. I'm never one to complain, but what I do behind the scenes is super unknown to many of you. It's filled with pitching, negotiating, contracts, scheduling, communicating back & forth with brands, linking & pulling items, creating graphics and so much more. The pretty content seen the majority of the time is such a small portion of what actually goes into this job. As we grow our family I want to focus on growing my business so I can enjoy more of what I love to do + have time to actually shut off.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would rather work 60-80 hours weeks for myself, than any other job. However, I need sleep lol!

House Plans

We have accomplished so much the first year in our first home. We took on many little & big projects with refreshing multiple spaces in our home. For this next year, we still have things on the list like the laundry room, main bathroom, kitchen and the yard. We bought the house knowing we would only be here 3-5 years. We've started dreaming up what we want next in a new home, while still enjoying all that we have now. Exciting news, we have all new appliance being delivered next weekend! Great way to quick the year off and makes me excited to see what our home looks like a year from now.

Small Goals

Okay, lets get to some fun & smaller goals to maybe help make your list up a bit too!

More date nights, even if that's just at home

Wanting to take time to cook in the kitchen more together, enjoy movies on the couch and unplug from the busy life around us. Kirby is my bestie, my handsome hubby and the funniest guy I know. We have had 10+ years of memories together and though our time alone is limited these days, there is no one I'd rather have by my side.

Becoming more organized in all areas of my life

Our home is usually pretty organized, but like most people, we have corners & closets that pile. Our space will become even smaller with another little, so organizing our home for the addition is high on my list. Also wanting to become more organized with our finance (with the growth of my business) and our schedule as a family - especially with Kirby still working from home!

Potty training!

Maybe this is a big goal? We will see, but ideally I would love to have it under our belts before baby comes. Preschool and an upgraded toddler bedroom is also on the list which kind of all go hand-in-hand. Wish us luck!

Meal planning

We got much better at this towards the end of 2020, but expanding our meals and planning out each week is something I want to continue to work on. Seriously just makes life so much easier!

Actually use my daily planner!

This was something I used to be so good at! After 2020 hit and we completely fell off our normal daily life, my planner fell with it. Writing down a daily list helps keep me on track and allows me to not over fill my days with impossible to-do lists.

Go to bed earlier.

Of course, the easiest time for me to work is early mornings & late nights. However, I'm woking on shutting off my computer by 9 (depending on the load that day) and getting better at getting my butt up to bed by 10. Kirby and I have always been night owls, but I'm finding that my sleep is even more important to me now. Plus, chances of sleeping are only possible for about 4 more months!

Testing trying out different beauty/self-care products

Even with being in my industry, I'm terrible at expanding my daily products or taking a night out to mask up. Of course, self-care is always on my list of goals, but just simply trying out new products and taking time for more self-care small moments is something I want to get better at.


Something I continue to work on with my business, as a mother and now as I wait for the world to come back to some type of normalcy. Patience is never easy, but a key part to happiness.

Traveling outside of the midwest!

No matter what, I will get on a plane in the year 2021! We all need to travel again and start living - life is too short!! We are in talks of a family trip in February/March and my fingers are double crossed.

Less comparison, more time for me

One of the worst parts of my job is the fact that I'm constantly on social media looking at everyone's highlight reel. I've been working on being more efficient with my phone time and giving myself more time to think freely outside of social media. I have a goal to do more sudoku puzzles (love them), read a couple books and just be. No tv, no phone, no noise.

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  1. 1.3.21
    Stephani said:

    I love this!!! These are all great goals!!! I think my words of the year are focus, patience and balance. Lots to work in this year! Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you and the family! Also good luck hiring help! Something on my list too maybe for later in the year!

    Xo, Steph

    • 1.8.21
      everydaychiffon said:

      All such good words and something I so need to go into this year with too. Right back at you with the littles – it’s fun to have each other through this!

      Cheers cutie!!