10 Week Postpartum Update: Products I Used, Body Image & Emotions

10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon


10 Week Postpartum Update

Crazy to think all that has happened in the last 10 weeks. It feels like we had Philomena 2 weeks ago, but it also feels like she's been a part of our family forever. She is a dream baby. Huge snuggle bug, sleeps overnight like a champ, loves to eat and seriously smiles all.of.the.time. 10 weeks postpartum and I'm still pinching myself that we have a son & a daughter. The blessed feeling hasn't left me one day. On top of Mena being the best little babe, this postpartum recovery has been so much easier than after Addison.

C-section mama's do not get enough credit. Recovering from a major surgery while navigating a newborn is near impossible. No time for rest, no time to stay seated and basically no break from the moment you have surgery to the moment you leave the hospital. It blows my mind how it all works. I'm so thankful I had a successful VBAC and got the cool experience of being able to experience both birthing processes. VBAC recovery (vaginal birth) is 100% easier than a c-section. Everyone's experience is different, but I've felt great from the moment I had her. Of course, I was sore for a couple weeks and basically had a 5-6 week period (didn't last that long after a c-section), but other than the expected, I can't complain.

Postpartum Basics

Products I Used to Help Ease Pain/Discomfort

Dermoplast - My nurse actually gave this to me at the hospital and I used it for the first few weeks! Helped a ton with the itching & discomfort

Sitz Baths - Probably didn't take nearly as many as I should have, but this always felt so good when I did make the time for it. Even just carving 10-20 minutes out at night was huge for helping with swelling & below hip discomfort.

Movement - Staying active was the same thing I focused on after Addison, but it looked much different. I've always been a big believer that continuing to move is so important for recovery. The day after I gave birth I started taking small walks around the neighborhood, basically around the block, and just kept working my distance up. As soon as I felt uncomfortable I pulled back and made sure to not over push myself. However, I did make sure to push myself to keep it up daily!

Perineal Bottles - These were used for the first couple weeks. Helped keep me feeling a bit more fresh down there and felt really good with how uncomfortable I felt from the swelling & bleeding.

Nipple Cream - The pain from breastfeeding in the first 1-2 weeks is crazy! Your nipples just aren't used to it and your babe is feeding a lot. This is the same nipple cream I used with Addison too. I rarely need to now, but used it after each feeding in the beginning.

Eat your dates & fiber! - Postpartum constipation is worst than pregnancy constipation! I'm still dealing with it today. Basically your whole body shifts and everything is out of whack. Dates, prune juice and high fiber diets, especially in the first couple weeks, definitely helps.

Rice Heating Pad - Great for lower back, groin and lower abdomen pain.

10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon
10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon

Postpartum Body Image

Even with this being my second, having a positive body image is tough. Some days I feel great and other days I have no idea whose body I'm living in. If I'm being honest (I always am with you), I thought this time around was going to be easier. On all levels. With Addison I gained 60+lbs & had a major surgery. It took me a full year to really feel like my body was back to "normal". That whole situation was different. With Philomena, I only gained 35lbs & had a vaginal birth, so I expected things to go much quicker. Shame on me for that!

As the saying goes, it takes 9 months to create these little babes and for most mama's, it takes 9 months to get back to "you". Although I know in my gut I'm much further along then I was at this point postpartum with Addison, it's still so hard to truly feel confident. I've been somewhat open about this in my Reels videos or on my stories on how I'm trying to feel my best with my new body, but it's a struggle. There have been days I've cried to Kirby because I just want to feel like I'm in my body again. Getting dressed hasn't been my favorite thing and going out without confidence in what I'm wearing is so not like me.

When connecting with so many of you, I know a lot of you are in the same boat. Please don't think because of the jokes I make or the confidence I shine through on my page that I'm not struggling too. Doing those things has helped for sure because it's created conversation with other mama's to help connect on the same level. However, some days I'm still struggling and wishing for my old body like so many of you are too. It takes work! There are days I'm doing all the things and others days I'm just surviving. 10 weeks postpartum, I'm feeling far from my goal with 21lbs left to lose, but confident I can get there with patience, happiness and a whole lot of body love!

I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things with working out. I used Obe Fitness throughout my pregnancy and continue to use that now. They have tons of live & on-demand classes for anyone! Code CHIFFON30 will get you a 7 day free trial + 30% off your first month.

Nursing & Pumping Favorites

Postpartum Blues

I'm not really sure how to start this section off. For me, I struggled a ton with PP Blues after Addison. Our birth went nothing like planned, we had moved from Denver to Minnesota after living there for 6 years, I quit my job and took on blogging full time to stay home with him and I was 100% struggling with losing my old life. Looking back, we had so much change at once that I'm not surprised I struggled the way I did. With Philomena, everything has been much easier. Her birth was easy & peaceful, her presence is perfection and I was already living deep within motherhood so I was used to giving up your selfishness & freedom. Happy to say I'm much more established in my business as well which obviously helps. What I didn't plan for, was a freak accident that happened day 3 of her life and spun my emotions into high gear.

For those of you that don't follow along on Instagram, on May 3rd at our pediatricians office, Philomena had a startle reflex while in my arms and fell out of them hitting her head on the counter next to me. The moments and nights that followed are instilled in my head forever. As I write this tears fill my eyes with the amount of fear and guilt that has washed over me from the moment it all happen. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about that very moment every single day. It's something that continues to replay in my mind over and over again. We were this close to losing her and because of that I have a fear in me at all times. Without the accident, I'm not sure I would have struggled much with emotions outside of just the feeling of exhaustion or not having a moment to myself (all very real, but expected). I've prayed to God about this so much, but probably not enough. No matter how many times someone says, "accident's happen!", or, "she's totally healthy & fine now!", will make anything easier.

As everything else in life, I know my emotions & fear will level out. I know she's healthy, completely checked out as fine and will grow to live a very long life. She's never ever changed temperament from the moment it happened which has been a God sent. However, I struggle each day with the visual & feeling of her falling out of my arms, the fear and lump in my throat I felt watching 15+ doctors rush in around my new baby girl and the guilt that continues to linger on. Everyone's journey is different and this is ours. I pray she continues to love me throughout life and know just how much I love her. I pray the fear I feel disappears and I pray that the guilt in my heart goes away one day. Whatever happens, I'm overall just happy she's here and you best believe I say that to her multiple times a day. Not sure why God wrote our story the way he did, but I'm sure happy he sent angels down to guide her through it.

10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon
10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon

Placenta Encapsulation

This was not something I did with Addison and I 100% wish I did! I first introduced you to it right after having Philomena and for those of you that said you had done it, absolutely loved the benefits. It's definitely a little added task to tack onto your to-do list in the midst of welcoming a baby, but Lancaster Placenta Company made the process super easy.

The placenta is packed with nutrients, vitamins and hormones that are so beneficial to be given back to your body through encapsulating it. Some of the benefits include increased energy (I have totally noticed this!), increased milk supply, decreased risk of postpartum depression, helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy state and decreases pain, just to name a few.

My personal experience has been great! I can confidently say that they have been a huge benefit for me. There were a couple days I missed taking them & noticed a difference in energy and having that sense of well-being. I truly think by giving my body back the nutrients and vitamins it lost at birth can only be a positive thing. Outside of the placenta capsules (that I started taking immediately), I also got the placenta tincture that I'll beginning taking 6 months postpartum. This will allow my body to continue being pumped up with things it lost through the birthing process. Something that isn't talked about enough and has a huge impact on our body, healthy and mind postpartum.

The Process

Once you get the placenta back from the nurses, you immediately put in a cooler on ice. Within 24hrs, you get your placenta home and in the freezer (we had my parents come pick it up). Lancaster Placenta Company sends you a return shipping label and box for ease with overnight shipping to get it back to them. Once they receive it, your placenta is assigned a workstation and never leaves that station until its ready to be shipped back to you! You can read more about the full process here.

Lancaseter Placenta Company has so many options for you too! If you're not great with taking pills, they recently came out with a gummy bear option - huge bonus! I have a highlight saved on my Instagram profile with more information including lots of questions you had that I answered. Use my code EVERYDAYCHIFFON for a free tincture with your order & of course, ask me anything you're curious about!

10 Week Postpartum Update | Everyday Chiffon

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  1. 7.13.21
    , Jessica said:

    I wanted to share that what happened with your baby is not your fault, and I would highly recommend you see a therapist so you can process the accident and let it go. Its easy to hold traumatic events in our mind and bodies which contributes to the feelings of guilt, sadness, and ruminations/replaying of the event. There is so many newer cool techniques that a therapist can do to help you process – like brainspotting, EMDR, etc. Or even just talking it out with the therapist. It was such a scary and terrifying event and any of us mommas would be going through the same thing you’re going through. Wishing you all the peace and serenity that you deserve xoxoxo

    • 8.13.21
      everydaychiffon said:

      Thank you so much for this comment. It has been a long journey to getting past what happened, but I’ve been making huge strides in overcoming the anxiety. It’s been healthy for me to process it all and communicating with many people along the way. Truly appreciate you taking time to reach out.

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