Packing for 3 Weeks – From a Fashion Blogger’s Perspective

I don't know if it's just me, but preparing for a big trip and shopping months in advance, does NOT work for me. I want it to. I swear I think about it every trip. The second we even book it I say, "I swear this time I'm going to spread my shopping out and start ASAP"... 2 months later and I have a bunch of ideas and so many items in carts, but nothing bought. I almost kind of get anxious. Like what if I find something else I like more or what if I change my mind. I don't know, I totally think I'm overthinking it and I get its crazy, but I have issues with it. SO you can imagine the millions of thoughts that popped in my head when the task of packing for a 3 week trip actually became a real thing. To be fully honest, I am pretty proud of myself. I actually started buying for this trip 4 months out from leaving. I can't say it was huge amounts of buying until about a month and half out, but I actually got some staple pieces that got me rolling on my looks. As most of you know, I have a big obsession (addiction, whatever you want to call it) with shoes and I truly think they complete every outfit. With that being said, shoes can be the biggest pain to travel with! It's always so hard for me to narrow my picks down because you might just need that hot pink pair of pumps if the perfect moment hits 😉 Luckily, sandals are much easier to pack than boots!

Between Kirby and I we brought 5 bags total. 1 extra larger suitcase, 2 carry-on suitcases, and 2 medium size personal luggage pieces. So obviously that is a lot of space, but when you start to pack all the little items and accessories, space can fill up quickly.  I've become a huge fan of rolling clothes because it truly does save a lot of space, but I don't do it with everything. I usually stick to my pajamas, leggings, tanks and other lounge/basic wear to create more room for the bulky items like purses and... shoes, of course. Along with rolling my clothes, I try to pack sandals on the sides of all my suitcases (basically outlining the clothes) to allow more room for heeled shoes, purses, beauty products and/or bags. One of our carry-on suitcases has a add-in piece to allow for about 5-7 hanging items... I squeeze as much as I can on that baby because I am someone who looooves to hang clothing!

We are both pretty into our new personal travel bags! Kirby's bag is an Anti-Theft Travel Pack from Pacsafe and it has so many different compartments and gadgets that will definitely come into use. It's also super cool because the zippers have a locking capability to keep all your goodies safe! My adorable black Durban Expandable Duffle Bag from Tumi is not only the cutest thing ever, but has more zippers, pockets and space than I could have ever wished for in a travel bag! I have to give a shout out to my Dad and Kim for getting us such sweets gifts... and for planning the coolest trip to Europe! 

A couple tips I have that have made traveling a bit easier for me in regards to packing:
  • Put together outfits and go as far as trying pieces on together or even pairing accessories with each look, so you don't over pack (as badly)
  • Try and piece each pair of shoes with at least 3 outfits (especially for a trip this long) and stick with not making too many exceptions
  • Check out my Travel Day Look & Essentials post to see the beauty products I bring to refresh with on long/overnight flights... Or just for travel in general here
  • Keep a sweater or jacket in your carry-on bag just in case the plane ride gets chilly because they always do 
  • Pack your identification pieces and travel paperwork in a secure pocket that's easily accessible by you, but in a pocket that can close or zip shut to keep your goodies safe 😉
  • Bring a good book, prep you phone/ipad with movies/music, grab a fab new magazine, some overly expensive airport snacks and a glass of wine pleeeeaaase (hey! no judgment, it's vacation!!) **Most international flights come with movies, etc., but be prepped if you're picky!

Cheers loves!


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